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We are on a mission to enable as many people as possible to access a human scale education

Human scale education is education designed around the person, at a scale which allows for the full flourishing of the individual as well as their relationships with their community and environment.

We believe that education should be human scale, not industrial scale. 

Obituary for Avril Newman

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Avril. Avril was a trustee for HSE for many years and was a passionate advocate of the charity as well as putting the principles of HSE into practice in a wonderful inclusive, community primary school in the east end of London. She served for over 50 years working in Tower Hamlets including almost 30 years as headteacher of the very successful Sir William Burrough Primary School in Limehouse. 

The school has consistently been in the top 200 schools in England (according to The Times list based on incredibly successful SATs results). it was, and is, a real part of the community thriving on innovation, with staff, volunteers and people supporting families and to enable every child, from whatever starting point, to achieve their highest possible level of success in all respects.

She is sorely missed but her legacy lives on.

Robin Precey

Outdoor Education

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