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Our Community

At Human Scale Education, we believe in the primacy of relationships and, as such, we have built up a network of other like-minded charities who share our values. 

Potential Trust

The Potential Trust was set up set up to provide, promote, and encourage whatever makes education more interesting and exciting for school-age students with high learning potential – especially those with considerably more than the average share of curiosity, creativity, perception, and persistence – and to enable them to have access to events and experiences that facilitate their personal and social development, and their creative, artistic, and practical skills as well as their intellectual abilities. 

Thank you to The Potential Trust for supporting Human Scale Education by funding and facilitating Potential Conferences. These conferences have helped HSE to develop and refocus our strategy for 2023 and beyond.   

Mindful Music

Mindful Music works in schools for greater well-being of students. They offer schools workshops, resources and support to teach children attention, awareness and teamwork skills for greater well-being and success in the classroom.

Progressive Education

Progressive Education was set up by Jo Symes as a result of a disappointing start to her son's education which set her on a path to exploring alternative approaches to conventional methods in education. 

Relationship Foundation

Relationships Foundation is a think tank for a better connected society. They study the effect that culture, business and government have on relationships and create new ideas for strengthening social connections and campaign on issues where relationships are being undermined.

Relational Schools

Relational Schools prides itself on improving society by strengthening the quality of relationships in schools. 

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