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Satish Kumar

Founder and Patron

Satish Kumar is the Founder of Schumacher College in the United Kingdom. He was Editor of Resurgence magazine for 40 years. This magazine was described by the Guardian newspaper as “the artistic and spiritual flagship of the Green Movement”.
A former Jain monk, Satish Kumar went on an international pilgrimage for peace. He, with a friend, walked 8000 miles from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington. Along the way he met Bertrand Russell and Martin Luther King. Satish is the author of ten books including his autobiography, No Destination. Other books include Elegant Simplicity, Soil, Soul, Society and Radical Love. Satish is a lifelong activist in the cause of environmental sustainability, social justice and world peace. He is the recipient of Goi Peace Prize 2022.

Mike Davies

Founder and Patron
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Mike Davies is a founder of both Human Scale Education and the British Curriculum Foundation which he chaired for fifteen years. He has also been a Trustee of the National Association for the Teaching of Drama (NATD) and served on the boards of two MATs.  Mike has also been a consultant working in England, Denmark, USA and Kenya on re-culturing and school transformation. This commitment, linked with the reorganisation of schools on human scale lines, grew from his experience as a Headteacher in England and Scotland. These schools were mainly in challenging communities, each radical with an emphasis on supporting human scale practices in curriculum development, engaging pedagogy, the use of time and space, staff and student voice and relationships.


Obituary for Avril Newman


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Avril. Avril was a trustee for HSE for many years and was a passionate advocate of the charity as well as putting the principles of HSE into practice in a wonderful inclusive, community primary school in the east end of London. She served for over 50 years working in Tower Hamlets including almost 30 years as headteacher of the very successful Sir William Burrough Primary School in Limehouse. 

The school has consistently been in the top 200 schools in England (according to The Times list based on incredibly successful SATs results). it was, and is, a real part of the community thriving on innovation, with staff, volunteers and people supporting families and to enable every child, from whatever starting point, to achieve their highest possible level of success in all respects.

She is sorely missed but her legacy lives on.


Robin Precey

Dr Robin Precey


Dr Robin Precey has been involved with HSE since 1992. He is a University lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and consultant for EthicalEd with a particular interest in developing future leaders. He has written extensively and teaches up to, and including, Doctor level.

Louisa Koschyk

Trustee and Co-Coordinator
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Louisa started her professional career in primary teaching. Throughout her work and academic study the formation of identities has always been prominent - especially marginalised identities within society. She now works for a LGBTQ+ charity in London, advising the Higher Education sector on their practices and policies to ensure inclusivity of all. HSE share common goals with Louisa, primarily making the world a better place for future generations. 

Sophie Grubb


After studying BA Education and completing a master’s degree in education policy, Sophie is currently working in the Widening Participation sector of education. With a focus on emotional development and mental wellbeing during her research studies, Sophie’s academic and professional experiences have led her to Human Scale Education to develop her own interests and work with the charity to promote the humanistic approach in education today. Sophie has also worked in multiple schools from early years to higher secondary and has always enjoyed working with young people.

Alison Sauer


Alison has been involved in home education and the politics of alternative education since meeting John Taylor Gatto and Roland Meighan at a conference in1999. Passionate about getting the best education for all children no matter their circumstances, she works in academic and political circles to protect the truth about the advantages of a personalised education and fight the rhetoric, rumour and fake news in media and governments both here and abroad. A Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals, Alison is also an enthusiastic Girlguide Leader and Chair of The Centre for Personalised Education.

Jen Nuin Smith

Trustee and Co-Coordinator

Jen is Founder, Educator and Consultant at Little Forest, a democratic learning community centred on learning for the well-being of all nature's children. Through her consultancy, Jenny works with partners on the re-purposing of the education system towards well-being for all. Jenny is a qualified Teacher, holds a Master's in Transformational Leadership and has held senior leadership positions in school, local authority and youth service settings. 

Rosalyn Spencer 

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Rosalyn has been involved with HSE for many years, initially seeking their help when setting up a small school in 1993, and more recently as a trustee. She has a background in teaching and now works as an Education Advisor in Lincolnshire. Over the years Rosalyn has written several education articles for magazines, and has written a book about her experience of setting up a human scale small school.

Daniel Jones


Dan is currently a Mathematics teacher in Sussex. He has worked in various educational settings within the UK and internationally. He has a particular interest in Special Educational Needs. Dan firmly believes that in delivering considered, high-quality and humanistic education to those who are in most need all stakeholders stand to benefit – a rising tide raises all ships. 

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