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Robin Precey

Dr Robin Precey has been involved with HSE since 1992. He is a University lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and consultant for EthicalEd with a particular interest in developing future leaders. He has written extensively and teaches up to, and including, Doctor level.

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Rosalyn Spencer 

Rosalyn has been involved with HSE for many years, initially seeking their help when setting up a small school in 1993, and more recently as a trustee. She has a background in teaching and now works as an Education Advisor in Lincolnshire. Over the years Rosalyn has written several education articles for magazines, and has written a book about her experience of setting up a HSE small school.


Trustee and Co-Coordinator

Jenny Altamirano Smith

Jenny is Founder, Educator and Consultant at Little Forest, a learning community with well-being for all at its heart. She is a qualified Teacher with a Masters in Transformational Leadership. Jenny co-authored the Earth Warriors Global Curriculum and has a background in transforming services for children and young people and leading Centre Based Youth Work in Surrey. 



Avril Newman

Avril Newman is the headteacher of a highly diverse inner London primary school. She is a passionate believer in the primacy of relationships, which is the prime driver of HSE.

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Julie Speers

Dr Julie Speers is a Design Technology Teacher and SENCO. She has worked in a number of schools across Kent in the state and independent sector. Julie has a particular interest in using pupils’ voice to enhance the learning and educational experiences of children and young adults. 

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Trustee and Co-Coordinator

Stan Pinsent

Currently a Secondary teacher in an inner-city London school, Stan’s career has spanned summer schools, private tuition and a Pupil Referral Unit. He is the creator of the podcast About Learning, which explores big ideas in education.

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Mike Davies

Mike Davies is a founder of both Human Scale Education and the British Curriculum Foundation which he chaired for fifteen years. He has also been a Trustee of the National Association for the Teaching of Drama (NATD) and served on the boards of two MATs.  Mike has also been a consultant working in England, Denmark, USA and Kenya on re-culturing and school transformation. This commitment, linked with the reorganisation of schools on human scale lines, grew from his experience as a Headteacher in England and Scotland. These schools were mainly in challenging communities, each radical with an emphasis on supporting human scale practices in curriculum development, engaging pedagogy, the use of time and space, staff and student voice and relationships

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