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Our Values

Human scale values speak to some of the biggest issues within education today, such as mental health and wellbeing, equity and inclusion and environment and sustainability. It is clear that the vision and mission of Human Scale Education is as important as ever. 

Human Scale Education Rainbow - Our Values

Learning is enabled in flexible ways that centre on each child and young person’s needs.

Staff, parents and children and young people are actively involved in their own and other’s learning.

Dialogue (open, honest, reflective discussion)
is encouraged
and developed to enhance learning, and to understand the viewpoints of others.

The school experience is open to challenge and change as a result of the views of children and young people.

Respect for self and others

Children and young people flourish because the school experience enables them to form excellent relationships with a smaller number of adults.

Schools in adhering to the importance of human scale have divided their communities to ensure that all students are known well.

All members of the community are involved in decision-making.

CPD is collaborative and encourages risk-taking and innovation.

Children and young people are allowed to follow their passion and all learning is viewed as of equal value as a result.

Children and young people learn in a variety of groups to ensure stability and to follow interests and passions.

Assessment is learning. It enables children and young people to affirm in a variety of ways (portfolios, exhibitions, presentations, student-led conferences).

Parent and carers are in school on a regular basis both to support and recognise learning. 

Leadership is distributed throughout the school enabling practitioner-led innovation to develop.

The school and community share experiences with a significant amount of learning in terms of both the process and the final outcome being publicly displayed in school and other venues. 

Children and young people actively work to tackle issues in their local community that overcome disadvantage and inequality. 

The local and broader community are actively involved on a regular basis both as experts and as an authentic audience. 

Children and young people learn in the community - educational visits, work placements etc. 


Social Justice and Fairness

Cooperative and collaborative learning is emphasised.

Curricula is based around the spark of inspiration, big ideas, enduring questions, emerging interests and the concerns of teachers and their students. 

Enquiry-based, experiential, active and practical learning is strong with products mirroring real-world craft. 

Learning takes places in authentic and immersive environments. 


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