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Our Work

Human Scale Education has developed a six strand strategy to address the multiple crises that we face within the education system and the wider world. Our response is based on the evidence that we gathered during our consultation phase in 2022 in which we explored the question, 'What does it mean for education to be human scale in 2023 and beyond?'

These six strands now form the basis of our development plan which we are putting into action. We are always looking for members and partners to work with us, to help us bring our values of respect, democracy, equity, social justice and sustainability to life at every level of the education system. 


What does it mean for education to be human scale in 2023 and beyond?

Three relationships

Our suite of panel experts answer this question through the lens of relationships. We look at how schools can give young people opportunities to develop self-knowledge, relationships with others, and a relationship with the environment. This work is part of a wider consultation and relaunch of Human Scale Education in 2023. We are looking at how we can widen access to a human scale education in state schools.  

Our Six Strands

We might be a small charity, but through our development plan we are focusing our efforts on the areas where we can make the greatest impact.


How to improve a sense of belonging in schools and to help students find and live with their identity e.g. in terms of trans-gender children.

Teacher Training

The training of teachers in terms of what they can do now and, in the future, to enhance relationships in schools.


How parents' advocacy, their choices and feedback can create change from the grassroots up. 

Environmental Intelligence

How to respond practically to help students and staff improve our Environmental Intelligence to help the catastrophic resource and climate change issues we all face.


Training leaders on how to create a relationship-focused school.


How to influence political decision making with a critical General Election next year.

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