Our Work

Human scale values speak to some of the biggest issues within education today, such as mental health and wellbeing, equity and inclusion and environment and sustainability. It is clear that the vision and mission of Human Scale Education is as important as ever. These are some of our current projects. 

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Autumn Term 2022


We are creating a series of online panel discussions to help answer the question: 

What does it mean for education to be human scale in 2022 and  beyond? 

These discussions feature experts in the field, will be published live to the public and will inform the development of our new strategy. 

The panel discussions will focus on the three domains of a human scale education. These are: 


Relationship to self → ‘Freedom to be me’
Relationships with others → ‘Network of relationships’
Relationships with the environment → ‘Agency in my environment’

Autumn Term 2022

Small Schools and Learning Communities Campaign

One of our Trustees, Rosalyn Spencer-Johnson, is raising awareness of small progressive education alternatives in the UK that don't receive any government funding. She is currently on a tour visiting 10 small schools and learning communities which will be the subject of her next book. We also hope to learn something from these settings which could help to make mainstream state schools more human scale. You can support this important project on the Crowdfunding page

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Offer to State Schools

In 2023 we will develop and test a package to support state schools to become more human scale. This will be about developing human scale practice as well as recognising, celebrating and sharing success.