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Our Work

Human Scale Education organises events, hosts workshops, develops training, provides resources and offers consultancy to schools, educators and leaders working within the state education sector as well as for those offering human scale alternatives. We also bring partners together from across the sector to help shape the debate on the future direction of education both within the UK and internationally. 

Human Scale Education Podcast 

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What does it mean for education to be human-scale in 2023 and beyond? Our suite of panel experts answer this question through the lens of relationships. We look at how schools can give young people opportunities to develop self-knowledge, relationships with others, and a relationship with the environment. This work is part of a wider consultation and relaunch of Human Scale Education in 2023. We are looking at how we can widen access to a human scale education in state schools.  

Small Schools and Learning Communities Campaign

One of our Trustees, Rosalyn Spencer-Johnson, is raising awareness of small progressive education alternatives in the UK that don't receive any government funding. During autumn 2022, she went on a tour visiting 10 small schools and learning communities which will be the subject of her next book. You can learn more about this important project on the crowdfunding page.  

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