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Post-pandemic Ponderings: Testing or Building Relationships

HSE Chairman, Robin Precey, and Anselm Fisher provide a critical analysis of the transformative leadership actions taken by the leaders of a federation of primary schools in a deprived area of London, during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

HSE and the current state of the world

Robin Precey, chairman of HSE, writes a short article, highlighting problems post-pandemic. 

Mental Health Foundation - Post - Covid

This short guide aims to outline the scale of the challenge that schools are currently facing and provide practical advice and support for teachers supporting pupils as they return to school in September 2020.  

Nordic Education Systems

A Powerpoint explaining the Nordic model of education and exploring the challenges it faces. 

Effective and Enlightening Transition for Vulnerable Children

Written by our chairman, Dr Robin Precey, this article looks at research into two issues that are highly significant in the English education system - the transition of pupils from primary to secondary schools and the exclusion of pupils from schools - and the impact of an Arts-based programme for vulnerable pupils leaving primary school. 

Education in Estonia

A Powerpoint by Maria Kurisoo detailing the victories and challenges of education in Estonia. 

Cultivating New Cultures

Young people are growing up in an age of extraordinary new opportunity, matched only by an extraordinary sense of uncertainty and challenge. This article looks at the student-centred designs that are sprouting up, the impact they are having and what more still needs to be done. 

Neo-Liberal Agenda on Small Schools

An assignment written to examine how the neo-liberal agenda has affected leaders’ professional intellectual and moral knowledge in English schools.

Our Values into Practice

At HSE we believe that humanity of scale and the primacy of relationships are central to the creation of strong learning communities and successful schools; these beliefs underpin what we value, what we do, who we work with and how we work.

'Why I Started a Small School' - Rosalyn Spencer

Rosalyn is a Trustee of Human Scale Education. In 1993, due to her own struggles with the education system, Rosalyn set up her own small school with Human Scale principles. Read more about her courageous journey in her book or buy it here.

HSE Constitution

Written in 2017, our constitution set out: objects and powers, membership, board of trustees, local branches, meetings and finance. 

Read about our trustee, Rosalyn Spencer-Johnson's trip to Denmark for an International Education Conference.

15 Small Schools, Report by Rosalyn Spencer, 1999

This report details findings from Rosalyn Spencer's visits to 15 small schools associated with Human Scale Education. 


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